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The Outdoor Directory: The Ultimate Outdoor Resource!

The Outdoor Directory is a comprehensive and informative guide to the outdoors, a catalogue of outdoor facilities in Nova Scotia. The Directory is a valuable, on-line resource for both consumers and providers of outdoor services, programs and products.

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It should be noted that Outdoor Nova Scotia no longer offers a FREE Listing on the Outdoor Directory. For recent changes in listing procedures and information on purchasing a listing on The Outdoor Directory, please click HERE.

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Accommodation (55) - also see Outdoor Retreats, Camping

All Terrain Vehicles (1)

Artists Crafts People (2)

Biking (5)

Birding (1)

Boating (2)

Camping (1) - also see Outdoor Retreats

Canoeing (3)

Climbing (1)

Fishing (5)

Fossils (0)

Gardening (0)

Hiking (14)

Hunting (0) - also see Outdoor Retailers/Outfitters

Kayaking (20)

Museums Exhibits and Displays (1)

Nature (4) - also see Outdoor Retreats

Outdoor Education (2)

Outdoor Retailers and Outfitters (3) - also see Boating, Birding, Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Hunting and Fishing

Outdoor Retreats (2) - facilities with organized outdoor educational programs and activities

Parks (3) - wildlife, recreational and picnic parks, both private and government

Pets (1)

Photography (0)

Provincial and Regional Information (4)

Publications (5) - electronic and hard copy sporting,outdoor recreational and/or specialized publications (i.e. birding, nature)

Rafting (0)

Real Estate (8) - recreational property brokers and agents

Recreational Vehicles (0)

Riding (0)

Sailing (0)

Scuba Diving (0)

Skateboarding (0)

Surfing (1)

Whale Watching (4)

Winter Activities (1) - also see Hunting, Fishing, Climbing

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