Issue #1: Well Rooted Advice!

Our Country Gardener offers some good general advice for first time gardeners including the importance of appropriate soil and fertilizers, how to test your soil, and other useful information. This first issue also includes suggested reading material and a list of organic gardening associations and seed distributors.

Issue #2: Asparagus 'Tips'!

With this issue The Country Gardener takes some of the mystery out of growing asparagus in your backyard garden plot. Ms. Phinney explains that patience is an important virtue in growing healthy asparagus and offers several practical considerations for a successful asparagus bed.

Issue #3: Keeping a Healthy Patch!

For the novice gardener, maintaining a raspberry patch with consistent yields can be a challenge. With this issue, our country gardener explains how to establish a patch, which canes to purchase and offers several valuable tips on keeping yields high and bushes healthy year after year.

Issue #4: Fall Bulb Planting!

The Country Gardner offers a four step process to successful fall bulb planting, beginning with tips on bulb selection to the general care of your precious plants after blooming. This issue also features some great photos of some of the popular flowering plant varieties.

Issue #5: Planting for Birds and Butterflies

In this issue Sandra Phinney explores what to do, to attract birds and butterflies to your backyard garden. The Country Gardener suggests that choosing the right plants and scrubs is important.

Issue #6: The Lure of Water Gardening

Water gardening is becoming a popular pass time for many outdoor enthusiasts in Nova Scotia. Doing it right can result in a beautiful addition to your backyard. The Country Gardener offers some sound advice and a host of gardening tips to get you started on your own pond and water garden at home.

Issue #7: Preparing for Winter

Preparing your plants for winter is an important part of gardening in Nova Scotia. Winters here can be severe and unpredictable, and those prize possessions have to well protected. As always, The Country Gardener has some practical solutions for keeping your plants cozy and comfortable during the winter months.

Issue #8: Spring Into Planting

Often spring in  Nova Scotia is not much different than winter. A little less snow, a little more sunshine, but no drastic differences in temperature. Our Country Gardener, Sandra Phinney, suggests whatever spring looks like in your area of the province, it's time to shake off those winter blues and get down to the business of gardening! 



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